SWATT For Jesus | Believers Body and Soul Boot Camp

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Believer's Body & Soul Boot Camp 40 Day Fast: Make the Connection! "Be Amazed How Far Your Faith Can Take You..."Book Available on Amazon or ebook Available in Store!​​​​

BELIEVER'S Body & Soul BOOTCAMP | A Winner is a Winner from the Start!

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We meet on Friday's at 4:00 p.m. (PT). or via online.

Week 1: Health & Fitness | Eiffel Tower            

Week 2: Leisure Activities | Disneyland PARIS             

Week 3: Primary Relationships | Palace Versailles             

Week 4: Family | Bridges of Paris            

Week 5: Community | Paris Quarters             

Week 6: Career | Grande Arche de la Defense             

Week 7: Finance | St. Germain | Babylone             

Week 8: Spirituality in Christ | Arc de Triomphe           

SWATT Fitness

SWATT for Jesus

2022 SWATT TV — SWATT for Jesus Youth Association — SWATT Fitness ™   S.W.A.T.T.: Souls Will Ascend Teaming Together for JESUS